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Déferlement ou Ressac?

13 June 2022 |

The first round of the legislative elections yielded inconclusive results. The so-called “presidential” party, now named Ensemble!, could end up with a slim majority, but then again it may not. […]


Borne Again

17 May 2022 |

I’ve been on an island with poor Internet since last Friday, so I’ve had to catch up on all the hot takes about Emmanuel Macron’s nomination of Elisabeth Borne to […]


Hope Springs Eternal

20 April 2022 |

Jean-Luc Mélenchon is calling on voters to elect him prime minister by filling the National Assembly with Unbowed deputies. Marion Maréchal, Guillaume Peltier, and Nicolas Bay–all ex-Le Penist turncoats–are calling […]


Next Steps

13 September 2021 |

After nearly four years with Tocqueville 21, I am stepping down from my role editing the blog. Already for much of this past year, my role has been a bit […]


Contact Tocqueville 21

13 July 2020 |

Our apologies to anyone who has recently tried to contact us through the email address We have been unable to access this account for some time now, but we […]


C’est parti!

15 January 2018 |

Now that this site is up and running, a few quick updates on what’s coming. Art and I will of course be posting on French, American, and global democracy on […]


Why Tocqueville ?

  (Lire en français) In the inaugural issue of The Tocqueville Review/La Revue Tocqueville nearly forty years ago, Raymond Aron declared proudly that the work of Alexis de Tocqueville had […]