Hope Springs Eternal

20 April 2022

Jean-Luc Mélenchon is calling on voters to elect him prime minister by filling the National Assembly with Unbowed deputies. Marion Maréchal, Guillaume Peltier, and Nicolas Bay–all ex-Le Penist turncoats–are calling on voters to elect Zemmour prime minister by filling the National Assembly with reconquista deputies joined by new turncoats prepared to forge a “union of the right” including LR and RN prepared to submit to the leadership of Zemmour.

In short, the losers in the presidential election have not yet digested their loss and still have delusions of redeeming their wager by spurring a national sursaut come June. Mélenchon still refuses to acknowledge that he reached his high water mark only thanks to a massive vote utile in his favor. Tout à l’égo as usual, he sees himself forced upon Sunday’s winner by a population in arms against the president they have just elected, be it the reviled “neoliberal” or the detested “fascist,” and prepared to humiliate either by forcing the feisty Mélenchon down their throats.

If this comforting illusion gets FI adherents to the polls on Sunday and ready to vote for Macron rather than blanc, so be it. But I say with confidence that neither Mélenchon nor Zemmour will be the next prime minister.

I will be participating in a panel discussion of the election via the U. of Pittsburgh today at noon EDT. Registration required.

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