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13 September 2021

After nearly four years with Tocqueville 21, I am stepping down from my role editing the blog. Already for much of this past year, my role has been a bit more behind the scenes, helping coordinate some of the changes we’ve been making to the blog’s format. And starting in early October, I’ll be starting a new position as a staff attorney at Legal Aid Chicago, and though I have been tempted to continue editing during my spare time, experience has taught me that this won’t be feasible. So it’s a good time for me to move on. But while I’ll miss editing Tocqueville 21, I’m very proud of where the blog has come since we officially launched in early 2018. I’m deeply grateful to our readers, as well as everyone who has written for Tocqueville 21 since then. Nearly everything I’ve learned about being an editor I’ve learned through trial and error, that is to say, by working with our writers, and I’m especially appreciative of those who have been patient with my errors. And of course, none of this would have been possible without Stephen Sawyer, who had the initial vision for Tocqueville 21 and who has always provided me with the support I have needed to add my own vision; Laurence Dubois Fresney, who has ensured a seamless and relationship between the blog and The Tocqueville Review/La Revue Tocqueville; Art Goldhammer, whose sharp analysis of French and European politics has constantly set the standard to which I have aspired in my own writing; and Danielle Charette, who has been my partner in crime since 2019, and who has been indispensable in making the blog what it is today. Finally, I am incredibly pleased to leave Tocqueville 21 in the hands of the able team of editors who joined us earlier this year, and wish Chris, David, Elias, Miriam, Sarah, and Shane the best of luck in all of their upcoming projects for the blog.


All this being said, I won’t actually be going away. Though I won’t be reading pitches, organizing book fora, or editing articles, I do plan on continuing to write for Tocqueville 21 from time to time, and may even be popping in for the occasional podcast episode. If you’ve enjoyed what we’ve done on this blog over the past few years, please feel free to be in touch.



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