Introducing the Tocqueville 21 Podcast: French Politics with Art Goldhammer

27 June 2021

Tocqueville 21 · French Politics with Art Goldhammer

We are proud to launch the Tocqueville 21 Podcast! Our goal is for this podcast to be a forum to explore in-depth the kinds of material on contemporary democracy we’ve published on the blog and in The Tocqueville Review/La Revue Tocqueville, as well as a way to launch new kinds of projects. Today, we’re kicking things off by featuring our very own Arthur Goldhammer, in a discussion with podcast host Shane McLorrain and blog co-editor Jacob Hamburger about France’s recent regional elections and what we can expect for the presidential contest next year. [NB: this episode was recorded prior to the second round of the 2021 regional elections, which was held today in France.] You’ll hear from Art what this unusually low-turnout election reveals about the current state of French politics, how Covid-19 has affected Emmanuel Macron’s presidential hopes, and whether Marine Le Pen remains viable as a challenger (you can also read Art’s analysis of some of these questions in his recent Guardian piece). We hope you enjoy this first episode, and we’ll have updates on how this project will be evolving over the coming weeks!


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  • Alexander Price says:

    Disappointed not be able to find your podcast in Android’s Podcast app? Will it be made available there?

    • Jacob Hamburger says:

      We’re working on getting it listed. For now you can listen to it here and on Soundcloud, but it should be available on the apps soon.

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