A New Carolean King Triumphed

14 May 2023

Michael Goldfarb, born 1950, in New York City is an American journalist and former London correspondent for NPR (National Public Radio). He’s the singular host of the podcast FRDH (First Rough Draft of History), and Arena Stage. In 1984-85 he was a founding member of the Pearl Theatre Company in Manhattan. He has been based in London since 1985.

Goldfarb gives a sort of fireside chat. A homily of a lateral, sideways thinker. As an American who became a UK citizen, he views the monarchy as an anachronism but without it, he says, he would be living in an unrecognisable place. His is a gathering place for storytelling that amplifies lived experiences and celebrates our kaleidoscopic world.

Purely in his terms, I’m something of a Republicrat or Demopublican; portmanteau terms in tune with the binary major political parties in the US: Republicans and the Democrats.

Who is running our country at this precarious point in time should be resolved through a general election. Not in a moral vacuum, nor by a subset of people but one governed by the centre ground. The democratic principles our governing bodies are built upon must be upheld at all costs.

That’s where our new Carolean King enters the stage and it’s more than theatre and sheer spectacle. He’s no elderly caretaker but someone who knows the complex web of national realities, sieved through the web of time. He respects them and acts as a brake-stop on the fallacies of some of our elected politicians.

That King Charles captured the interests of millions of people throughout the Commonwealth and in many other parts of the world, was not a coup d’état but an esprit de corps. A new Carolean King triumphed.

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