In Photos: Autocracy vs. Democracy Conference in Paris

29 June 2023

An introduction by Stephen Sawyer, Director of the Center for Critical Democracy Studies and Director of Publications of The Tocqueville Review

In early June, The Tocqueville Society hosted its annual conference, which took place this year at the American University of Paris. Organized around the theme “Autocratie vs. Démocratie”, the conference regrouped academics and political experts from Europe and across the Atlantic to discuss the worrying trend of rising “democratic authoritarianism.” Speakers included Jan-Werner Müller of Princeton University and Pascal Ory of the Académie française. It was hosted in partnership with the Center for Critical Democracy Studies and The Tocqueville Review. 


Below, a look back at the conference in photos:

The first panel on “La démocratie ‘illibérale’ en question”, with Justine Lacroix (Université Libre de Bruxelles), Laurent Pech (University College Dublin), and Catherine Audard (LSE).













Justine Lacroix (ULB, Département de Sciences Politiques).












Catherine Audard (London School of Economics and Editor of The Tocqueville Review) along with Stephen Sawyer (American University of Paris).













Arthur Goldhammer (Harvard University and President of the Tocqueville Society).












The second panel on “Les nouvelles formes d’influence” with Sergei Guriev (Sciences Po), Bruno Patino (Arte TV & Sciences Po), and Catherine Audard.













“How authoritarian forms can take root in well-established democracies” with Gary Gerstle (Cambridge), Michelle Goldberg (New York Times), and Olivier Borraz (Sciences Po, CNRS).













“Les péripéties linguistiques des mots ‘démocratie’ et ‘autocratie'” with Perrine Simon-Nahum (ENS), Fausto Proietti (Università di Perugia), and Françoise Mélonio (Former President of the Tocqueville Society).













“Les cas de la Russie et de la Hongrie” with Catherine Horel (CNRS), Marie Mendras (Sciences Po, CNRS), and Françoise Mélonio.













The concluding panel with Jan-Werner Müller (Princeton University) and Pascal Ory (Académie française).













Pascal Ory.












Simon Langlois (The Tocqueville Review) and Françoise Mélonio.
























Conference proceedings will be published next year in a special issue of The Tocqueville Review | La revue Tocqueville. All photos are credited to the American University of Paris.

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