Tocqueville 21 Podcast: Justice, Freedom, and the Nature of Democracy with Alexis Carré

24 April 2023

Tocqueville 21 · Justice, Freedom, and the Nature of Democracy with Alexis Carré

Welcome back to the Tocqueville 21 Podcast!

Today, I’m happy to present you with the second half of our dense, rousing interview with Alexis Carré. This episode continues many of the themes evoked in the first half of the interview: civic duty and the war in Ukraine chief among them. But in addition, Alexis offers insight into the nature of Democracy, the West, and the distinction between a right to freedom, and a responsibility to it


Alexis Carré is the 2022-23 Thomas W. Smith Postdoctoral Research Associate of the James Madison Program at Princeton University. He completed his dissertation at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris on the topic of “War and Law: The Refounding of Liberalism Against the Conservative Revolution in Leo Strauss and Raymond Aron”, for which he was recently awarded the 2021 Raymond Aron Prize for Research.
Drawing from early works by Aron and Strauss from the 30’s to the 50’s, his research deals with the rationality of war as an instrument of foreign policy for liberal democracy or more broadly the political and moral conditions which allow democratic regimes to identify their enemies and organize their defense. Outside scholarly outlets, his work has also appeared in Foreign Policy, the National Review, Quillette or le Figaro. He can be followed on Twitter here, or on his personal website here.
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