Tocqueville 21 Podcast: China and the CCP with Adam Ni

12 November 2022

Tocqueville 21 · China and the CCP with Adam Ni

When it comes to the media and industry commentary surrounding Chinese politics, “Complexity is not a compelling narrative”. This is an observation offered by today’s guest: Adam Ni of China Neican. Adam is a China Analyst with an impressive number of accolades and experiences under his belt. As the co-editor of the excellent China Neican newsletter, he has demonstrated a masterful understanding of issues related to the broader matter of China. This insight spans geopolitics, to military history, party organization and political philosophy. 


Through China Neican and his twitter account, he commands an audience of academics, policy professionals, and businesspeople in the thousands, and is regularly cited in the media by outlets like Al Jazeera, the BBC, Bloomberg, and the Financial Times


In this episode of the Tocqueville 21 podcast, we examine the complexity of the Chinese Communist Party, as well as the evolving nature of the relationship that exists between the West and China. Our discussion was deeply illuminating and spans the entirety of the post-Cold War era.


While this episode deals with more philosophical topics, it was recorded before some of the more recent events in Chinese politics. If you’re interested in reading Adam’s more topical thoughts on the outcomes of the 20th Party Congress, click here. You can subscribe to China Neican by following the link here.


We hope you enjoy it!


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