DISCUSSION: Interpreting the French Presidential Election

April 19, 19h30 (CET)

Interpreting the French Presidential Election



With France heading into a tumultuous presidential contest, the Mile End Institute has brought together a panel of experts to discuss the results of the first round and the prospects for the second, which will be held on Sunday 24 April.

How has five years of Macron altered the French political landscape? What will the election mean for the rest of Europe? How dangerous is the rise of the far-right? And, is there a future for the French Left?

David Klemperer is a PhD candidate at Queen Mary University of London, researching the political and intellectual history of the French socialist movement.
Julian Jackson is Emeritus Professor of Modern French History at Queen Mary University of London. His most recent book is a prize-winning biography of Charles de Gaulle, entitled A Certain Idea of France.
Rainbow Murray is Professor of Politics at the Queen Mary University of London, specialising in French politics and in the politics of gender representation.
Emile Chabal is a Reader in History at the University of Edinburgh. His most recent book is France (2020), a thematic introduction to French history since 1940.
Laura Slimani is a French politician and activist who currently serves as deputy mayor of Rouen, with special responsibility for participatory democracy. She previously worked on the 2017 presidential campaign of Benoit Hamon.
This event is cosponsored by the Mile End Institute and the Center for Critical Democracy Studies.

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