New article: The Fury in France

10 December 2019

I’ve been holding off on writing about the current strikes because the New York Times was kind enough to ask me to write an opinion piece on the subject, which just appeared today. I try to answer the question of what it would look like for the strikes, allied with gilets jaunes protesters, to deliver a meaningful political blow to Macron. My answer is probably unsatisfying, as is inevitable for this sort of speculation, but I try to at least lay out the political stakes going forward for Macron’s presidency.


In other news, Pauline Graulle of Médiapart has a piece out today that hits some similar themes, and Cole Stangler’s excellent reporting on the Marseille municipal campaign for Jacobin reveals an example of the sorts of left coalitions I have in mind.


Photo Credit: Patrick Janicek, CGT Gare de Lyon, via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.


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  • Daniel Hamburger says:

    This is one of the best pieces Hamburger has written. Really helped me sort out what’s going on in France right now!

  • Keith Roberts says:

    It is striking to me that not one word of your NY Times piece speaks to the quality of Macron’s proposal. He says pensions will remain at current levels. If so, and if the consolidation he proposes saves big money for French taxpayers, what’s the beef?

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