Je fais ce que je dis …

4 January 2018

… and apparently the public approves. Macron’s approval rating, which had dipped as low as 32% over the summer, prompting hasty judgments that his presidency had already foundered, is back to 42 in the latest survey. Whether this connotes approval of Macron’s policy, a favorable judgment of his style (je fais ce que je dis), or a reflection of improved economic conditions, the fact remains: Macron has come back from his initial slide, as neither Sarkozy nor Hollande did.

Still, one has to put this in perspective. Donald Trump, the most disastrous president in American history, currently enjoys an approval rating of 39% and has also come back from summer lows, Lord only knows why, since his incompetence and corruption become more manifest every day.

Still, it is important to note that Macron’s approval has kept rising despite his tough talk on immigration, his persistence in enacting unpopular tax and labor-market reforms, and various gaffes and snafus. Fortune continues to favor him, and as Machiavelli pointed out long ago, no politician, no matter how great his virtù, can succeed without the blessing of fortuna.

NB: Although the official launch date for this site has not yet arrived, I am posting this as a test article. It’s also posted on the original French Politics blog.




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