Europe Shifts to the Right

28 October 2021

In a poll conducted in February 2021, Fondapol asked voters in France, Germany, Italy, and the UK to place themselves on a left-right spectrum. In all four countries, self-described right-wing voters predominated. The average result was 39% on the right, 27% on the left, with the remainder placing themselves in the center. Even more concerning, younger voters 18-34 were even more likely to describe themselves as right-wing, suggesting that things are going to get even worse for the left in years to come. Immigration is viewed negatively: “On average, six out of ten citizens (60%) agree with the statement that “there are too many immigrants in our country” (compared to 36% who disagree and 4% who did not respond).”

Left-wing voters are not in favor of open borders: “Out of the four democracies studied here, supporters of left-wing parties are more likely to be “pro-closure” than “pro-opening up” the country in terms of migration, or in favour of keeping the status quo – with the exception of supporters of the Italian Democratic Party (Partito Democratico).”


8. In France, 62% of citizens believe that Islam is a threat to the nation.

9. In France, the fear of Islam is widespread among those who place themselves in the right- wing bloc (81%). The question appears to be very divisive to those in the left-wing bloc: almost half of left-wing supporters (45%) agree with the item “Islam poses a threat to the nation”, while the other half (52%) disagree and 3% of respondents did not answer.

For a more detailed breakdown of the data, see the link.


Photo Credits: Europe in 1923, by George Washington Bacon (1830-1921) (Public domain) via Wikimedia Commons.

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