Révolte !

6 January 2020 |

The 2010s ended much as they had began: just as 2011 was the year of the Arab Spring, the Spanish indignados, and Occupy Wall Street, 2019 may well be remembered as […]



15 August 2018 |

Images by @freudethugues via Twitter (Public Domain ; https://twitter.com/fhollande_2022/status/1028724998960308224) and Tim D. via Foursquare (https://foursquare.com/v/the-obamas-first-kiss-boulder/502bbe68e4b0e3a4cbc71557?openPhotoId=5bddc09360255e002c3953ec) There have been rumors that François Hollande is contemplating a return to politics reported in French media over […]