Discussion of Global Cities in Transition: The Politics and Society of Post-1997 Hong Kong

Thursday, February 1 at 6pm at The American University of Paris

Discussion of Global Cities in Transition: The Politics and Society of Post-1997 Hong Kong with Tze-ki Hon & Hok-yin Chan (City University of Hong Kong)

Photo by Jordan Merrick

Twenty years after it returned to China, Hong Kong remains a vibrant city full of energy and vitality. It continues to serve as an international financial market and a regional hub for trade and transport. And yet, it is confronting a host of social and political issues when its global connectivity must fit the requirements of “one country, two systems.” Constantly trying to match the demands of serving the Beijing government with the demands of preserving local uniqueness, Hong Kong is at a crossroads to redefine its identity amidst the “rise of China.” In this lecture, we will focus on several key political and social issues to elucidate the complexity of Hong Kong as a global city in transition.

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