Entretien avec Laurence Duboys Fresney sur l’Atlas des Français

Laurence Duboys Fresney, Managing Editor de The Tocqueville Review/La Revue Tocqueville, a été l’invité de l’émission “Nos géographies” ce printemps pour discuter de la réédition de son livre l’Atlas des Français, parue […]

The Contradictions of Religious Dirigisme

Not long ago, in the wake of the murder of Samuel Paty by an Islamist extremist, the Macron government announced a new approach to the regulation of the Muslim faith […]

From Anti-Fascism to Anti-Imperialism: Three Questions for Giuliana Chamedes

Giuliana Chamedes, Mellon-Morgridge Professor of European International History at the University of Wisconsin, gave at recent talk entitled “Anti-Fascism as a Differentially Mobilizing Ideology: Anti-Imperialism and the Failed Globalization of the […]

MayDay: A Study in Contrasts

May Day in France is always marked by two starkly contrasting events: a march by trade unions commemorating the history of the trade union movement, and a speech by the […]

| 29 April 2021 |

Les Cent jours : Est-il possible d’évaluer la présidence de Biden ?

Ceci est le premier de deux articles par Nicolas Audignon à l’occasion de la fin des « cent premiers jours » de la présidence de Joe Biden, qui a lieu […]

Panel Discussion on Macron’s Presidency and the 2022 Elections

On May 11, at 12 noon EDT, Harvard’s Center for European Studies will host an online panel discussion of Macron’s presidency and the upcoming 2022 elections. Participants will include Marc-Olivier […]

The Re-Demonization of the Rassemblement National

Over the past decade, since taking over control of the Front National from her father, Marine Le Pen has successfully moved the party, now renamed Rassemblement National, into contention for […]

Les Splendeurs et Misères du Commentateur Politique

These are difficult days for the political commentator. The normal political thrust and jab has been overshadowed by the universal preoccupation with the pandemic. Commentary on Covid is best left […]

When Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X met

  Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X met only once, a chance encounter at the US Capitol on March 26, 1964. The two men were at the Capitol to […]

| 25 April 2021 |

Revue de Presse: April 25

This week, multiple articles highlight the continued waffling of the professional foreign policy establishment. In The National Interest, David V. Gioe offers a vision of American security imperatives wherein concerns abroad […]