| 26 January 2023 |

The Failed Attempt to Make US Foreign Policy a Kitchen Table Issue

In his famous survey of the United States, Alexis de Tocqueville wondered what effect democratic politics might have on the new nation. Specifically, he worried about democracy’s influence on foreign […]

| 23 January 2023 |

L’énigme de la démocratie au Brésil

« Perdeu mané … »* « Un fascisme sans tradition est inconcevable» —Pier Paolo Pasolini, Petrolio Le 15 novembre 2022, un ministre de la Cour suprême brésilienne, harcelé dans les […]

| 21 January 2023 |

Capital without capitalism?

Review: Michael Sonenscher, ‘Capitalism: The Story behind the Word’, (Princeton University Press, 2022)   Before what we now call ‘capitalism’, there were commercial societies founded upon the division of labour, […]

The Anti-Reform Mobilization: Impressive, but to What Effect?

Today’s mobilization against the government pension reform proposal was massive: 1.2 to 2 million people in the streets, public transport disrupted, schools and factories closed, etc. But the demonstrations remained […]

The Democracy of the Spectacle

My article on “The Democracy of the Spectacle” is freely available here. This is part of the Tocqueville Review’s tribute to Olivier Zunz, with whom I collaborated on several Tocqueville […]

Does the NUPES have a future?

The evolving French Left has reached a curious juncture. Olivier Faure, who staked his and the Socialist Party’s future on a risky alliance with the mercurial Jean-Luc Mélenchon, appears to […]

New Issue: ‘The Tocqueville Review’ | ‘La revue Tocqueville’

 Civil Institutions and Democratic Life in the United States In Honor of Olivier Zunz. Published in the fall of 2022, the latest issue of The Tocqueville Review is now available online. (Vol. […]

The Curse of the French Presidency

So great is the presumed power of the French presidency that every mere mortal who has filled the post–sat in Jupiter’s seat, as it were–has left it diminished. A president […]

Interview ABC avec Monique Canto-Sperber

Cette interview est la sixième de notre série ABC publiée sur notre site. Dans chaque entretien, nous posons trois questions : La première sur l’intention de l’auteur (A = Auteur) […]

| 21 December 2022 |

Rishi Sunak may be measured on terms set by a former PM

After all the drama and derision of the UK’s political shenanigans over the last few months, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak may well be measured on terms determined by a former […]