Can a Presidential Election Save American Democracy?

Back in the fall of 2020, as the post-summer threats of Covid-19 were doing little to assuage the anxieties of the upcoming American presidential election, I received a message from […]

| 20 January 2021 |

Tocqueville ’21: Pondering the Future

We held our first editorial meeting the morning after the attack on the US Capitol. This is a blog dedicated to exploring twentieth-first century democracy, and while much about the […]

Caesar Was an Ambitious Man

‘Tis the weeks after Christmas, in the year before the next presidential election, and ambitions are stirring throughout France and Navarre. Le Monde dutifully warns that the French left is in […]

La nouvelle équipe éditoriale de Tocqueville 21

En cette nouvelle année 2021, Tocqueville 21 est fier d’annoncer sa nouvelle équipe éditoriale. Ces talentueux écrivains, rédacteurs et intellectuels se joindront aux co-rédacteurs-en-chef actuels Jacob Hamburger et Danielle Charette. […]

Tocqueville 21’s New Editorial Team

As we enter 2021, Tocqueville 21 is proud to announce its new editorial team. These talented writers, editors, and scholars, who will be joining current co-editors Jacob Hamburger and Danielle […]

L’embarras du choix

In this post, Emile Chabal responds to reviews of his book—France (Polity, 2020), a short history of the country since 1940—by Art Goldhammer and Emmanuel Jousse.    Writing the history […]

/ | 10 January 2021 |

Who governs prisons?

  Review The Puzzle of Prison Order by David Skarbek (Oxford University Press 2020)   The Puzzle of Prison Order is a book about prison governance but reads like a story […]

La tâche de l’historien

  Ceci est notre deuxième recension du dernier ouvrage d’Emile Chabal, une courte histoire de la France depuis 1940: France (Polity, 2020).   Pour un lecteur français, l’essai d’Emile Chabal suscite […]

Paradoxes of France

This is the first of two reviews of Emile Chabal’s brief history of France since 1940: France (Polity, 2020).   Emile Chabal’s splendid new book is entitled simply France, without further […]

First Le Maréchal, then Mlle Maréchal

Is Macron’s flirtation with the far right intensifying? A week ago he gave an interview to L’Express in which, mine de rien, he dropped the names of Charles Maurras and Maréchal […]