Autocratie vs. Démocratie ? – Conference in Paris

Dear Readers, This coming week is an important one for Tocqueville 21 and our sponsors at the Center for Critical Democracy Studies and The Tocqueville Review. On June 2-3, The […]

From Jupiter to VRP

President Macron, France’s erstwhile Jupiter, has been on the road this past week flogging his wares like an old-time VRP (for those too young to remember: VRP = voyageur représentant […]

| 12 May 2023 |

Trump, Bolsonaro, and the Bresilianization of the World

Translated by Cross Lawrence The Anticipations Donald Trump seems to be surfing on his troubles with the American courts and Jair Bolsonaro has just returned to Brazil after three months […]

| 14 May 2023 |

A New Carolean King Triumphed

Michael Goldfarb, born 1950, in New York City is an American journalist and former London correspondent for NPR (National Public Radio). He’s the singular host of the podcast FRDH (First […]

The Interminable Quandary of the French Left

The fractious meeting this week of the parties comprising the Nupes has unleashed a spate of editorials (e.g., this and this) wondering if the loose, (electorally) pragmatic coalition of left-and-lefter […]

| 29 April 2023 |

President Biden’s Time

Historians will not judge Biden kindly.  For the decision to exit Afghanistan and ensuing debacle he will rue the day. But the decision to run for office for a second […]

| 24 April 2023 |

Tocqueville 21 Podcast: Justice, Freedom, and the Nature of Democracy with Alexis Carré

Tocqueville 21 · Justice, Freedom, and the Nature of Democracy with Alexis Carré Welcome back to the Tocqueville 21 Podcast! Today, I’m happy to present you with the second half […]

Macron’s Speech

Yesterday President Macron celebrated his re-election victory in achieving pension reform. I almost said “re-election” because the speech laid out a program for the years ahead as if his presidency […]

What now?

Contrary to my (low-confidence) expectations, the Conseil Constitutionnel approved the reform bill with only minor changes (removing sweeteners that had been added to mollify the opposition in full knowledge that […]

Can we reform liberal democracy?

Review: Martin Wolf, The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism (Penguin Press, 2023)   Martin Wolf, the veteran chief economics commentator of the Financial Times, lauded by global business folk and a […]