| 14 October 2021 |

TLS Review of Tocqueville’s ŒUVRES COMPLÈTES Tome XVII: Correspondance à divers

In the Times Literary Supplement, Michael Sonenscher has reviewed the final volume of Tocqueville’s ŒUVRES COMPLÈTES: Quite a few people, setting out for their first visit to, say, China from […]

| 12 October 2021 |

Ann Heberlein, On Love and Tyranny: The Life and Politics of Hannah Arendt, translated from Swedish by Alice Menzies (Pushkin Press, 2021)  

Before she became a celebrated New York public intellectual, Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) lived through some of the 20th century’s darkest moments. She fled her native Germany after Hitler came to […]

| 11 October 2021 |

Revue de Presse : 11 Octobre 2021

Le Samedi 9 Octobre, la France a fêté  le 40e anniversaire de l’abolition de la peine de mort. Parmi les événements commémorés par la presse, on compte le discours de […]

| 7 October 2021 |

Tocqueville 21 Podcast: Immigration and the Crisis of Democracy

Tocqueville 21 · Deepak Bhargava and Ruth Milkman on Immigration Hi everyone, for this week’s episode of the Tocqueville 21 Podcast, I spoke with Deepak Bhargava and Ruth Milkman about […]

| 4 October 2021 |

Revue de presse : 4 octobre 2021

Yesterday the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists released the “Pandora Papers,” the organization’s most recent and expansive disclosure of financial secrecy and malfeasance to date. The revelations of the investigation […]

| 1 October 2021 |

Tocqueville 21 Podcast: Digital Human Rights and Cybersecurity with Susan Perry

Tocqueville 21 · Digital Human Rights and Cybersecurity with Susan Perry We’re happy to present the sixth episode of the Tocqueville 21 podcast! This week, we continue our short series […]

Clouds in the Crystal Ball

The French party system, already fractured beyond recognition, has disintegrated even more in recent weeks. True, the Greens now have a candidate, Yannick Jadot, behind whom they have nominally united […]

| 24 September 2021 |

Tocqueville 21 Podcast: The Great Divergence with Gagan Sood

Tocqueville 21 · The Great Divergence with Gagan Sood Our discussion with Professor Gagan Sood of the London School of Economics continues this week in the fifth episode of the […]

| 21 September 2021 |

Ceci n’est pas un Cabri: L’Europe, l’Europe, l’Europe!

Macron’s recalling of France’s ambassadors isn’t so much sound and fury as it is a shrewd move to shape the future of European security, and ensure France’s position at its […]

| 20 September 2021 |

Book Review: Shakespeare in a Divided America (James Shapiro)

James Shapiro, Shakespeare in a Divided America: What His Plays Tell Us About Our Past and Our Future (Penguin Press, 2020)   In June 2017, New York City’s Public Theater […]