The ABCs of “The Politics of Imperial Memory in France, 1850-1900” (Christina B. Carroll)

This is the first in what we hope will be a long series of very short interviews with authors about their books. We ask each author only three questions: about […]

Social Media and the Political Theory of Passions

  Of all the great political thinkers, few were as attentive to means of communication as Alexis de Tocqueville. One of the many things that amazed the young French diplomat […]

Macron Speaks

The president finally reacted to the results of Sunday’s election. His speech was short and largely devoid of content. Although the posture was confident, the prescriptions were vague: “Ma seule […]

On the Legislative Elections

I’ve published an article in The American Prospect on the legislative elections.

Michel Winock : « Le gouvernement devra faire preuve de beaucoup d’habileté parlementaire »

Historien, spécialiste de l’histoire politique et intellectuelle de la France contemporaine, professeur émérite des universités à l’Institut d’études politique de Paris, Michel Winock a écrit une quarantaine d’ouvrages. Il est […]

And the Winner is: Ni Droite, Ni Gauche, mais Extrême Droite

Although the definitive results are not yet in, one thing is already clear: President Macron has suffered a major defeat, while Jean-Luc Mélenchon has fallen considerably short of the goal […]

An Optimistic Scenario

Yesterday I wrote that a) la NUPES would not win a majority in the legislature but b) would win enough votes to deprive Macron of an absolute majority, and that […]

Raymond Geuss Does Not Think Like a Liberal.

Raymond Geuss Does Not Think Like a Liberal.   Reading Raymond Geuss’s Philosophy and Real Politics a couple years ago was like a breath of fresh air. Geuss was writing […]

A Generational Divide

The rise of la NUPES has sharpened the generational divide in French politics.  Le Monde reports that an IPSOS-Sopra Steria poll conducted before the first round shows Macron’s Ensemble! taking […]

| 13 June 2022 |

Déferlement ou Ressac?

The first round of the legislative elections yielded inconclusive results. The so-called “presidential” party, now named Ensemble!, could end up with a slim majority, but then again it may not. […]