The Final Volumes of The Complete Works of Tocqueville

On June 3, 2021, Gallimard published volumes 1, 2, and 3 of Tome XVII of the Complete Works of Tocqueville.   With the addition of these three volumes of Tocqueville’s […]

The Democratic Promise of “Deradicalization”

The authors of this essay are members of the “DeRadicalisation in Europe and Beyond: Detect, Resolve, Reintegrate” research project funded by the European Research Council.   Recent mass shootings in […]

The Right Fractures

The warning signs have been present for some time. Les Républicains are on the verge of a crackup. Caught between Macron’s LRM and Le Pen’s RN, the party’s electoral space […]

Revue de Presse: May 30

For the first time in its history, the European Union will arm foreign governments in the name of fighting terrorism, protecting civilians, and stabilizing fragile states, using a €5 billion […]

Patrick Weil, De la laïcité en France

La laïcité–the distinctive French approach to the separation of church and state–has been a matter of contentious debate for decades. That debate has become even more heated in the past […]

Policing the Police

On May 19, the forces de l’ordre, as the French like to say, demonstrated throughout France. The demonstration had three purposes, two clearly legitimate, the third more questionable. The first purpose […]

Revue de Presse : 16 mai

Thomas Piketty a connu un succès fulgurant  aux États-Unis avec son ouvrage Le Capital au XXIe siècle qui a lancé une conversation nationale sur l’inégalité, son livre le plus récent, […]

Les statues de la discorde : Critique de Livre

Critique du livre Les statues de la discorde de Jacqueline Lalouette, Paris, Passés / Composés, 2021. Aux États-Unis, le vandalisme de statues évoquant l’esclavage s’est développé depuis la mort de […]

Can Marine Le Pen Win in 2022?

I assess her chances in Persuasion. The short answer: yes.

James Baldwin’s Democracy: Can Full Representation through Black Liberation Save America from Itself?

James Baldwin’s paternal grandmother was born into slavery. The preceding generations had lived and died in it. Chronology is not causation, but the writer’s attraction to the radical current can […]