| 22 September 2019 |

Revue de Presse: September 22

The historian and Tocqueville21 contributor Sophia Rosenfeld reflects on conspiracy theories in The Nation.   Rosenfeld reviews a new book by Russell Muirhead and Nancy L. Rosenblum, A Lot of People […]

| 21 September 2019 |

Redrawing the Refugee

The past decade has seen no shortage of images depicting the plight of the refugee. Perhaps the most famous of these is the upsettingly iconic photograph from 2015 of a […]

/ | 20 September 2019 |

Concentration Camps in the Borderlands

Selfa Chew’s book Uprooting Community tells the relatively unfamiliar story of Mexico’s participation in the displacement and internment of ethnic Japanese during the Second World War, and the experience of people of […]

| 15 September 2019 |

Revue de Presse: September 15

  Must our political discourse be civil? Is incivility a mark of defiance, or its own form of virtue-signaling? Are rejections of politeness and refusal to debate deliberate moral choices, […]

Sur les mœurs intellectuelles de Tocqueville

  Le second volume de La Démocratie en Amérique traite des mœurs démocratiques, ce par quoi Tocqueville entend le sens large qu’avait le latin mores : « tout l’état moral et intellectuel d’un […]

| 8 September 2019 |

Revue de Presse: September 8

  Would Tocqueville have gone to Burning Man? The New York Times describes the Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Romer and his interest in the annual desert festival frequented by anarchists, […]

/ | 7 September 2019 |

Le soin, nouveau paradigme socio-démocratique

Lecture de Cynthia Fleury, Le Soin est un Humanisme (Tracts Gallimard, 2019).   Philosophe et psychanalyste, titulaire de la Chaire « Philosophie » à l’hôpital Sainte-Anne, Cynthia Fleury publiait en avril 2019 […]

“Grenelle” galvaudé

France is currently conducting a “Grenelle des violences conjugales,” the latest in a long series of “Grenelles.” Young folks may not know the origin of this peculiar appellation for a […]

Showing Some Moix-ie

Moxie (U.S. slang): “force of character, determination, nerve.” Or chutzpah, one might say, as Yann Moix, the avowed (ex?) anti-Semite who claims to have abjured his former prejudice to become a […]

Obama and Trump, Pragmatists?

The week after Donald Trump was elected, Barack Obama held a press conference in which he called the then-President-elect “pragmatic.” Did Obama see in Trump the same flexibility and realism for […]