Revue de Presse: September 27

27 September 2020 |

In a review for the Point, Scott Spillman discusses Men on Horseback by the Princeton historian David Bell. Bell’s book is a study in the modern phenomenon of charisma, which Max Weber called “the great revolutionary […]


The Open Road

25 September 2020 |

Review of Matthew B. Crawford, Why We Drive: Toward a Philosophy of the Open Road (William Morrow, 2020).   Can rats drive? So asks Matthew Crawford, the playfully self-styled “philosopher-mechanic” […]


Le « rope-a-dope » de 2020

4 September 2020 |

Dans un article pour AOC, le contributeur du blog Dick Howard discute la politique à l’approche des élections américaines et demande, comment en sommes-nous arrivés là?     Photo credit: […]


Revue de Presse: July 26

26 July 2020 |

H-Diplo brings together a roundtable featuring four reviews of Iain Stewart’s book, Raymond Aron and Liberal Thought in the Twentieth Century. Aron is often characterized as a “Cold War liberal,” but Stewart adds nuance […]


Contact Tocqueville 21

13 July 2020 |

Our apologies to anyone who has recently tried to contact us through the email address We have been unable to access this account for some time now, but we […]


Revue de Presse: June 28

28 June 2020 |

  The latest issue of The Point asks, “What is the Nation For?” Tom Meany’s response? It depends. Throughout history, the idea of the “nation” has confronted sovereign power, international economic competition, […]


Revue de Presse: 19 avril

19 April 2020 |

La présente pandémie n’est pas une crise pour l’Inde—au contraire, elle représente trois crises distinctes mais interconnectées, selon Mathieu Ferry, Govindan Venkatasubramanian, Isabelle Guérin et Marine Al Dahdah. D’abord, la […]