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Stunning Sympathy

1 November 2018 |

The evolution of photography seems to correspond with our modern capacity for sympathy. Someone in a Facetime conversation feels more present than a news clip from a month ago, while […]


How to Lose a War

30 September 2018 |

Review of Elie Baranets, Comment perdre une guerre : Une théorie du contournement démocratique (CNRS Editions, 2017)   In November 1968, Daniel Ellsberg wrote a review of a book-length debate with multiple […]


Populism vs. the Left?

(Lire en français) Review of Chantal Mouffe, For a Left Populism (Verso, 2018)   Though the Belgian philosopher Chantal Mouffe remains far better known in the Anglo-American world than in France, this […]


Austrian Politics—Black and Blue

12 May 2018 |

In December 2017, Austria got its new government, a coalition between the centre-right Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), headed by the charismatic 31-year-old college dropout Sebastian Kurz, the world’s youngest head […]


Europe’s Aggressive Humanism

12 March 2018 |

Editor’s note: This article by David Kretz originally appeared online in The Point Magazine last December. Since then, it’s become only all the more evident that the Center for Political Beauty’s style mixture […]