Revue de Presse: April 25

25 April 2021 |

This week, multiple articles highlight the continued waffling of the professional foreign policy establishment. In The National Interest, David V. Gioe offers a vision of American security imperatives wherein concerns abroad […]


Open Society Realism

  Review of Robert Schuett, Hans Kelsen’s Political Realism (Edinburgh University Press, 2021)   “Make no mistake, Hans Kelsen is my favourite political philosopher…In the theory and practice of international […]


Can democracy work?

19 March 2021 |

Did American democracy survive the presidency of Donald Trump? The question seems sure to occupy historians, commentators and the public during the administration of Joe Biden and beyond. If nothing […]


Revue de Presse: March 8

8 March 2021 |

As Macron’s government continues its crusade against “Islamo-leftism” in France’s universities—led by ministers Frédérique Vidal and Jean-Michel Blanquer—academics speak out against what they see as an assault against academic freedom […]


Revue de Presse: September 27

27 September 2020 |

In a review for the Point, Scott Spillman discusses Men on Horseback by the Princeton historian David Bell. Bell’s book is a study in the modern phenomenon of charisma, which Max Weber called “the great revolutionary […]


The Open Road

25 September 2020 |

Review of Matthew B. Crawford, Why We Drive: Toward a Philosophy of the Open Road (William Morrow, 2020).   Can rats drive? So asks Matthew Crawford, the playfully self-styled “philosopher-mechanic” […]


Le « rope-a-dope » de 2020

4 September 2020 |

Dans un article pour AOC, le contributeur du blog Dick Howard discute la politique à l’approche des élections américaines et demande, comment en sommes-nous arrivés là?     Photo credit: […]